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SterilAire canister vacuums are the best in the industry
The ST-400 is the quietest, most versatile unit in theSterilAire lineup.
The ST-450 would leave its competition in the dust, if it hadn't just sucked it all up
SterilAire central vacuum systems make short work of tall cleaning orders
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Sterilaire ST-450 Canister Vacuum

Please Forgive Us...

When you simply have "The World's Best"No Equal – it is difficult to hold back!

Born 25 years ago, this lifetime classic has continued to set standards of quality and performance so high, there's simply nothing available that outperforms the Sterilaire ST-450. Period.

Just compare. Your local dealer will be happy to provide you a comparison with any other make and model. Expect major differences that will open your eyes to a whole new level of complete environmental hygiene.

All-Steel Lifetime Motor Unit

Lifetime Steel Inlet & Coupling

Easy Carrying Handle

Fingertip Multi-Tool Wand Storage

Ergonomic Handle with Power Nozzle Control Switch

Huge 4.5 Gallon, 3-Ply, Sealed, Disposable Dustbag

Ball-Bearing Lifetime Casters

All-Steel Locking Clamps

Quick Disconnect Power Nozzle

Sterilaire ST-450 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Sterilaire ST-450 Specifications

Two Motor System
  • 1500 Watts (combined)
Unit Motor
  • Two-stage, all-steel, commercial duty
  • Double ball bearing
  • Safety thermal overload protection
  • 15 year warranty (home use only)
Power Nozzle
  • 14" wide
  • 300 Watts power
  • Double articulating neck
  • 5 year warranty (home use only)
Brush Roll
  • Replaceable
  • Lifetime cogged with electronic overload protection
  • 5.5 gallon heavy duty polypropolene
  • 1094 F.S.A. (square inches of surface area)
  • Multiple 7-stage system
  • Corrugated cellulose cartridge
  • Activated charcoal (maximum odor control)
  • Multi-ply, micromesh dacron
  • Enclosed, 3-ply, electrostatic HEPA (.03 microns)
  • Final silencing exit filter
Operating Range
  • 88'
  • Stainless steel telescopic
  • Electric with EZ suction & power nozzle controls
  • Heavy duty ball bearing
Floor Nozzle
  • Heavy-duty polycarbonate/ABS construction
  • Natural horse hair bristles
Price $1695.00
  • LED lifetime headlight
  • Extended cord (128' operating range)

Sterilaire ST-450 Included Accessories

  • Electric Hose
  • 14" Power Nozzle
  • Sterilaire Multi-Tool
  • 14" Parquet Tool
  • Telescopic Wand
  • Telescopic Electric Wand
  • Handheld Turbo Brush
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