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SterilAire canister vacuums are the best in the industry
The ST-400 is the quietest, most versatile unit in theSterilAire lineup.
The ST-450 would leave its competition in the dust, if it hadn't just sucked it all up
SterilAire central vacuum systems make short work of tall cleaning orders
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Sterilaire SC-1000 Central Vacuum Systems

Go for it! You'll be amazed at the ultra-quiet cleaning performance of the Sterilaire SC-1000 Series central system. Delight in knowing you have a sure way of improving the indoor air quality so important to your home environment. The ease of use, with many convenience features, makes your Sterilaire a complete home sanitation system. As with all Sterilaire products, HEPA enclosed filtration is standard, giving you extra assurance of clean air quality. With its easy disposal, without any contact with soil or dust, your SC-1000 becomes the most sanitary system on the market.

Compare, we think you'll agree this high-quality, simple design provides the best choice for a lifetime of reliable service. Your Sterilaire installation professional will be happy to review your building plans or come to your home for a free comprehensive assessment of your needs. No cost or obligation.

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